Best physical activities for slimming : 5 Activities that burn a lot of calories

If you’d prefer the traditional way to burn calories, you can burn the most calories by doing the following:

1) Jump Rope (Burns 500 to 1000 calories)
2) HIIT (Burns 760* calories)
3) Water Polo (Burns 700* calories)

4) Bicycling (Burns 600* calories)
5) Running (Burns 560* calories)

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Dates have long been considered “female” food. Let’s figure out the benefits of these dried fruits on the female body.

Dates are super food


  • 1.Dates have anticancer properties, which means that they prevent the development of cancer.Therefore, it is necessary to include them in your diet to prevent the formation of cancer cells.
  • 2.Dates – powerful energy: after 30 minutes after you use them, you will feel a surge of vivacity, strength and energy.This will help maintain activity throughout the day.
  • 3.If you follow a diet and want to lose weight, replace sweets and flour on dates.They stimulate the digestive process well and help to quickly cleanse the intestines.And dates are a wonderful product that prevents depression and uplifting mood. However, do not forget that dates are quite caloric.The maximum daily rate is 10 units a day!